Discover the natural benefits of a Fresh California Avocado. Start with nutrition and popular appeal, then move to culinary versatility. With its rich taste and smooth texture, the California Avocado moves easily across conventional and ethnic menus–from appetizers to desserts–and dayparts. Learn to recognize the five stages of Ripeness to maximize yield per case and calculate per serving costs.

A Primer for Fresh California Avocados

Lesson 1 – All About the Avocado

Lesson 2 – Cultivation of an Avocado

Lesson 3 – Avocado Nutrition

Lesson 4 – Avocado Storing & Handling

Lesson 5 – Food Trends

Certification Exam

A Primer for Fresh California Avocados: Lessons I-V and Lab Sessions 6-10


The Primer for Fresh California Avocado curriculum has been approved by the ACF for 1 continuing education hour (CEH). Upon completion of Lessons l-V, download Certification Exam and return the completed test to [email protected]. Upon receipt of the exam, a certificate will be sent to you.


Enhance your culinary curriculum with five four-hour courses designed to go from classroom to lab. These five sessions will reinforce students’ basic culinary skills through creative applications.

Lesson 6 – Lab Session I

Lab Session I “Maximizing the Avocado Yield” – Students will discuss the various stages of avocado ripeness, and identify appropriate preparation methods for Hard, Breaking and Ripe avocados.

Lesson 7 – Lab Session II

Lab Session II “The Versatile Avocado” – Students will cut-seed-peel the fresh avocado in halves, slices and dices, then incorporate fresh avocados in dishes from breakfast to dinner, and in various ethnic cuisines.

Lesson 8 – Lab Session III

Lab Session III “Baking with Fresh California Avocados” – Students will learn techniques for substituting fresh avocados for saturated fats in baking applications.

Lesson 9 – Lab Session IV

Lab Session IV “Making Recipes Flavorful and Nutritious” – Students will understand the underlying issues that cause weight gain and obesity, then learn how to modify recipes for flavorful and nutritious results.

Lesson 10 – Lab Session V

Lab Session V “Fresh California Avocados: Proper Handling” – Students will learn how to handle fresh avocados in tableside preparations.

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