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Meet our family of growers who put care and craftsmanship into every California Avocado.

  • Committed to quality, sustainability and good agricultural practices.
  • Many are part of a multigenerational legacy and have been growing for 50 years or more.
  • Learn about their history, their groves and even their favorite ways to enjoy California Avocados.

rachael laenen
Featured Grower:
Rachael Laenen


Rachael Laenen comes from a family with deep roots in California farming – six generations deep! However, she started her career working in international sports marketing and events. With her grandmother, her aunt and her parents all California Avocado growers, eventually Rachael decided that being an avocado farmer was right for her future too.

Keeping the avocado groves sustainable for future generations is important to Rachael, who uses high-density planting (which refers to planting trees closer together than is done traditionally) to have more trees and yield more avocados on the same amount of land). She strives to protect local biodiversity of plants, animals and insects and uses natural leaf mulch to contribute to soil health. Rachael’s family also uses water conservation methods like drip irrigation, and their avocado grove is part of an irrigated lands management group.

Rachael volunteers with the California Avocado Commission and also is on the advisory committee for her local Future Farmers of America chapter.


Rachael’s favorite way to enjoy California Avocados is in guacamole, and she loves them in Mexican dishes. She also loves avocado toast and eating California Avocados in salads, sushi as well as on sandwiches and burgers. Rachael likes baking with avocado in place of traditional baking ingredients such as butter or shortening to reduce intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories.

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