Avocados with a California Avocado label

As with all fruits and vegetables, wash avocados before cutting. Check out our tips for how to choose and use California Avocados

California Avocado Season

California Avocados are generally in season from spring through summer with some California grown avocados available earlier or later depending on location. During peak season, California Avocados are available at stores around the United States, with distribution in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon and Washington and in select grocery stores around the rest of the United States. 

Find California Avocados

Helpful tips to make finding California Avocados easier.

Check our Store Locator

We list California Avocado availability (to the best of our knowledge) on our store locator, and keep this section updated throughout the year, whether California Avocados are in season or not. 

Look for our “California” label

We’ve made considerable strides in more clearly identifying country of origin for California grown avocados. Although not all avocados are identified with our “California” branding, all avocados should be labeled with where they are from on a sticker or label. Look for “California” on the label to know you are getting fresh, locally (California) grown avocados.

Don’t forget organic

Many times, due to supply or other supply-related issues, retailers will have a different country of origin for their organically grown avocados. If you can’t find conventionally grown California Avocados, don’t forget to check the organic section.

Check with the produce manager

First of all, if you can’t find California Avocados in your produce aisle, you should check with the produce manager at your grocery store as they may have an update on when to expect them. Communicating with them and letting them know about your preference will also be helpful in getting your California Avocados sooner. The produce department personnel are there to help and if they know of shopper preference for California grown avocados they will try to accommodate as best as they can.

Avocado festivals

Many farmers come out to sell their avocados at avocado festivals. There are several different avocado festivals in California that occur annually. View our list of avocado festivals

Farmer’s markets

Many farmer’s markets carry avocados during avocado season, and even out of California season with other non-Hass California Avocado varieties. Locate a farmer’s market near you that is selling avocados. Just confirm with the seller or grower that they are from California.

Ask us in the comments and we’ll investigate for you

We get this question a lot, and I try to reply to every single inquiry. We have representatives all over the United States and can generally help locate California grown avocados near you if they are in season.


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