Duncan and Robert Abbott

Carpinteria, CA


  • Northern California Growers for over 50 years
  • Multi-generational
  • Family Farmers




When Duncan Abbott’s hands get dirty, the earth gets a little cleaner. Because while he’s hand-pruning, hand-picking and hand-packaging avocados, his trees are absorbing carbon dioxide and replenishing oxygen in the air. And since Duncan’s avocados are grown close to market, they go from grove to grocer in just a matter of days, reducing carbon emissions even further. But Duncan’s efforts don’t stop there. After decades of sustainable farming, he’s seen the power in working with nature rather than against her. So his trees thrive in all-natural compost. His farm creates energy rather than consumes it. And his continued research ensures that the land will stay lush and fruitful for generations to come. 

In another life, Duncan worked in the high stakes field of investment banking. But Duncan longed for more; he wanted to work with his hands in the soil in search of fulfillment. Leveraging his opportunities, he moved into real estate, starting with the purchase of his father’s ranch in Carpinteria, California. He traded his high-profile lifestyle for the satisfaction of farming Hand Grown in California Avocados. 

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