Multicookers, from the Instant Pot® to air fryers, are becoming more and more popular. As a co-author of the Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies® and the Instant Pot® Cookbook For Dummies®, I discovered tricks in recipe development for both of these popular multicookers. Air fryers and the Instant Pot® are great appliances to simplify everyday cooking, and as a California-based dietitian, I love creating recipes for both types of appliances. Of course, I add in California flair! California cuisine, in fact, is one of my favorite ways to cook. What’s California cuisine anyways?

California cuisine is a fusion of cultures and ingredients that thrive in our sunshine. It highlights the quality of produce grown around the state and it is fruit and vegetable driven because we have so much to work with here. Spring through summer is the California Avocado season and the perfect time to incorporate avocados as an ingredient in recipes. With its openness to the cultural influences of the state’s diverse population, our namesake cuisine often fuses its local ingredients with culinary contributions from around the world.

In the recipes I’m sharing today, I’ve paired popular Thai ingredients for Asian and California fusion, from a quick breakfast to a satiating dinner.

Quick facts on multicookers
Are you on the fence about buying a multicooker? Air fryers and pressure cookers, like the Instant Pot®, are not only time saving kitchen tools, but are energy efficient as well. Multicookers can shave off time, from making chili in 12 minutes or whipping up fluffy, restaurant style-rice in 4 minutes. Air fryers create a crispy, crunchy texture in minutes, from air fried French fries and wings that have significantly less oil content to personal pizzas. Are you ready to take the leap?

If so, when choosing to work with avocados in a multicooker there are things to consider. Choose recipes that either blend the avocados into the recipe (like a cheesecake) or require shorter periods of cooking time. I say this because avocados can start to turn gray or get bitter when they are cooked under pressure for longer periods of time. In these two recipes, I highlight easy ways to incorporate avocados while retaining their gorgeous green color and delicious flavor.

Recipes and My Inspiration
Living in San Diego, my mind instantly goes to avocados as a natural fit for California Cuisine. They are fresh, farm-to-table, and highlight all the goodness of nourishing nutrients I look for when developing recipes as a dietitian/nutritionist. The California Avocado Larb recipe was inspired from one of my most favorite Thai dishes. Don’t worry about lengthy ingredients or long cook times to get the desired intense Thai-inspired flavors. I have simplified the process and ingredients making this an easy weeknight meal!

For air fryer fans, I have created Air Fried Avocados with Eggs and Sriracha Cream. Avocados create a perfect “boat” or vessel to bake in and the air fryer makes it fast! One-half of a medium California Avocado (about 2.5 ounces) and a commonly eaten size is the serving size for this recipe; it provides 20 percent of the dietary fiber daily value and 10 percent of the potassium daily value. And don’t skip the cream, it’ll make your taste buds sing!

Explore multicooker cooking and California Cuisine with California Avocados with this additional recipe: California Avocado Egg Bites

With all of these recipes we’ve kept the ingredients simple and easy to find in traditional grocery stores. But, before you buy — be sure, when selecting an avocado, to look for California on the label, the symbol of premium quality!

Multicooker Turkey and California Avocado Larb (Thai Lettuce Wraps)

Air Fried Avocados with Eggs with Sriracha Cream

Wendy Jo Peterson

As a dietitian for nearly 20 years, Wendy Jo she has been trained to challenge the norm, search the science, and move forward with an evidence-based approach. As a culinary trained nutritionist, she embraces the slow food movement and relishes the old world ways of cooking, from sourdough to homemade pasta. You can find her dishing up Mediterranean recipes and sourdough bread on her social channels and blog.

Wendy Jo is an award-winning author of Born To Eat, Bread Making For Dummies, Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies, Adrenal Fatigue For Dummies, Air Fryer Cookbook For Dummies, and Instant Pot® Cookbook For Dummies. You can also find her sharing tips and tricks as a regular contributor with Taste of Home Magazine. Through her work and alliances she focuses on savoring life, bite-by-bite.

Wendy Jo is nutritionist for the California Avocado Commission. Her content on the California Avocado Commission website and/or blog are part of their partnership with our organization.

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