Today’s diners look for fresh, natural, authentic ingredients, big flavors, beautiful plate presentations and good value on the menu. Dishes featuring Fresh California Avocados, which are carefully nurtured by California farmers, offer maximum enjoyment — a rich nutty flavor, smooth texture, beautiful color, luxurious taste experience. Insist on Fresh California Avocados for spring and summer menus!

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Tips for ripening, handling and storing Fresh California Avocados.


Any way you slice or dice them, Fresh California Avocados deliver a delectable menu option and can be part of a healthy diet.

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Discover the natural benefits of Fresh California Avocados on the menu, from appetizers to desserts. With its mellow taste and rich texture, the California Avocado moves easily across dayparts and lends flavor and appeal to traditional, ethnic and contemporary dishes.

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AMRIC Avocado Handlers

The Avocado Marketing and Research Information Center (AMRIC) system and reporting procedures enable the industry to analyze current market situations and forecast trends. AMRIC handlers are defined as handlers who shipped a minimum of 1 percent (1%) of the previous year’s total California crop volume.


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