Bill and Anne Coy

Rancho Rio Conejo, Cayucos, CA


  • California Avocado grower for 50 years
  • Multigenerational grower
  • Northern California Region




Bill Coy
A city boy who spent twenty-five years in marketing at JC Penney. Got a taste of the grower lifestyle by helping out his father-in-law during vacations. Became partners with his father-in-law, planting the grove together from scratch. Now a proud owner of 30 acres of flourishing avocado trees. Extremely passionate about his work and carries on a self-professed “love affair” with the fruit. Officially living the dream and has a permanent smile to prove it.

Anne Coy
Daughter of Bob Blanchard, the first grower in San Luis Obispo county to test growing citrus and avocados. Grew up on the grove but left the trees for tall buildings when she married Bill Coy. Dreamed of retiring with Bill to her old stomping grounds. Eventually turned that dream into reality after her father made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. A whiz in the kitchen, whipping up recipes like avocado pie, avocado hot sauce bowls and freezer guacamole. 

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