Dorcas McFarlane and Gordon Kimball

Santa Paula, CA


  • California Avocado Grower for over 40 years
  • Multi-generational
  • Northern California Grower


Lamb Hass


Dorcas McFarlane

Fifth-generation Californian and mother of six children. The epitome of a successful, independent woman. Took over the 280-acre J.K. Thille Ranch after her husband’s passing in 1972. Self-described as “too stubborn” to let anyone else do it. Balanced being a full-time mom with her new occupation as a full-time grower with grace, tenacity and a willingness to learn. Believes the farming lifestyle is wonderful for raising a family and gives freedoms other jobs can’t provide. Likes to use avocados as a substitute for butter on baked potatoes or for mayonnaise on sandwiches.

Gordon Kimball

Grew up on the grove, watching his mother, Dorcas McFarlane, work the land. An engineer by trade and designer of Formula One racecars. Eventually traded life in the fast lane for a 100-acre avocado ranch. Believes the trees have a lot to say and the key is learning to listen. Great at problem solving and takes pride in growing quality fruit. From the racetrack to the ranch, the pursuit of excellence is always top of mind.

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