Whether you are set to enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch or an on-the-go breakfast before heading out the door, responsibly grown California Avocados are the perfect ingredient to include in your first meal of the day – especially when you are looking for a healthy breakfast. Avocados are a heart-healthy superfood that contribute good fats and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals to one’s diet, making them a nutrient-dense choice that will help get your day started off right.

While avocado toast is the first avocado breakfast dish that comes to mind for many, there are a ton of scrumptious ways to enjoy avocados in the A.M.

Avocado and Eggs

The delicate yet rich flavor and creamy texture of avocado pairs beautifully with eggs to create these protein-based breakfast dishes.

Eggs-traordinary California Avocado Breakfast Muffins

Looking for quick and easy breakfast muffins? These are filled with produce and can easily be made ahead to eat throughout the week.

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Avocado and Shrimp Omelette

A simple to prepare omelette that’ll give your weekend brunch an upscale feel, without a lot of work.

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Air Fried Avocado Egg cups with Sriracha Yogurt Cream

Transform your breakfast with these easy to make air-fried avocados that serve as “cups” for your eggs.

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California Avocado Omelette

This veggie-packed omelette is the perfect combination of creamy avocado, gooey cheese and fresh vegetables.

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Grab and Go

Not every day can include a relaxing morning breakfast. For those days, when you have to get out of the door quickly and eat on the go, try one of our easy to make and portable avocado breakfasts.

Avocado and Melon Breakfast Smoothie

This sweet and creamy smoothie will help you power up for a busy day and can even be made the day before and kept in the refrigerator. Or you can try one of the other many avocado smoothie recipes.

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Whipped California Avocado Power Parfait

The ingredients of this sweet and savory parfait can be prepared in advance and then quickly assembled for a speedy morning departure.

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California Avocado Acai Bowl

Made with frozen acai packets, banana and creamy, ripe avocado, these easy to make acai bowls are a great on-the-go breakfast.

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California Avocado Oatmeal

Perfect for those cold mornings, this savory oatmeal will keep you warm as you start off your day.

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Fruit-Filled Delights

For those lazy brunch days where you are looking to include some natural sweetness in your meal, try one of these delicious breakfast recipes that bring together California Avocados and other fresh fruits.

Avocado and Blueberry Fruit Salad

A mix of creamy California Avocados, blueberries, mango, apples and greens, this salad is an ideal sweet addition to a weekend brunch.

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Waffled California Avocado Raspberry Stuffed Toast

An indulgent stuffed toast is the perfect dish for a leisurely brunch. Try this one, which features creamy California Avocado, Mascarpone and tart fresh raspberries wrapped up in perfectly grilled toast.

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Baked Goods

Baking with avocados can be a new concept for some folks, but the fruit’s mild flavor and creamy texture is a nice addition to many baked goods including muffins, breads and cookies. You can even use avocados as a fat replacement for oil or butter in many baking recipes.

California Avocado Bruffin

When you are looking for a savory addition to your breakfast or brunch, try this brioche muffin (or bruffin as we like to call it).

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Double Chocolate Avocado Muffins

These ooey, gooey chocolate muffins feature a secret fat replacement ingredient — California Avocados.

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California Avocado Danish

Try this twist on crisp buttery Danish that includes a delectable California Avocado pastry cream.

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Whether it’s a sandwich, burrito or pizza, handheld breakfast dishes that don’t require a fork and knife are convenient for multi-tasking adults and on-the-go kids. Try these avocado recipes for your next busy morning.

California Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

Take your breakfast sandwich to the next level with crisp bacon, eggs and smashed ripe avocados.

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Famous Damus Breakfast Sandwich

Change up your morning sandwich routine with this one, which pairs prosciutto with eggs and California Avocados on a ciabatta roll.

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California Avocado Breakfast Burrito

This tasty breakfast burrito allows you to enjoy the makings of scrambled eggs, veggies and California Avocados in an easy to hold wrap.

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Breakfast Pizza with California Avocado

Pizza for breakfast? Yep, you gotta try this delicious breakfast pizza with smashed avocado and a freshly cracked egg.

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Avocado Toasts

Avocado toast is easily one of the first items people think of when talking about avocados and breakfast. The best thing about avocado toast is it’s completely customizable to your taste and what you’re craving. Here are a few new twists on this popular dish.

California Avocado Toast with Pickled Red Onions

Top your avocado toast with a freshly poached egg, homemade pickled onions and California Avocados – of course!

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Jammy Egg Avocado Toast

This simple, yet upscale avocado toast includes a jammy egg (an egg with a spoonable yolk and a set egg white) and a creamy avocado romesco sauce.

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Vegan California Avocado Toast Charcuterie Board

This make-your-own avocado toast board is perfect for brunch – everyone (including your vegan guests) can create their own custom toast dish.

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Hopefully, you are able to try more than one of these delicious California Avocado breakfast ideas. Plus, California Avocados can’t be limited only to breakfast, so check out all of these avocado recipes to see how you can include this delicious fruit in your favorite dishes including snacks, lunch, dinner or even dessert!

California Avocado Commission

Created in 1978, the California Avocado Commission strives to enhance the premium positioning of California Avocados through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engages in related industry activities. California Avocados are commercially cultivated with uncompromising dedication to quality and freshness, by about 3,000 growers in the Golden State. The California Avocado Commission serves as the official information source for California Avocados and the California Avocado industry.

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