There are many ways to enjoy fresh California Avocados, so it can be tough when someone asks for our BEST California Avocado recipes. From delectable avocado toast to avocados grilled to perfection right on the barbecue, mouthwatering sandwiches with super creamy avocado slices or even avocado brownies – it’s hard to choose which recipes are our favorites. So, here’s a list of our 25 most popular California Avocado recipes.

One thing is for sure, fresh California Avocados add a delicious, creamy texture to both sweet and savory dishes. But, an even bigger bonus is that this heart-healthy superfood also contributes good fats and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a nutrient-dense choice. Want to learn more about the nutritional benefits of California Avocados? Check out our California Avocado Nutrition Facts page.

When looking at our top avocado recipes, they span across breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most seem to be simple, quick and focus on fresh ingredients. Which California Avocado recipe will become your next new favorite?

Start Your Morning Off Right

Whether it’s a quick on-the-go meal or a leisurely brunch, California Avocados are the perfect addition to breakfast time.

Anytime Avocado Omelette

With a short ingredient list and simple preparation, this delicious avocado omelet is perfect anytime.

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California Avocado Breakfast Bagel

This bagel is full of flavor and will help get your day started on the right foot! Customize it by using scrambled eggs or topping with a fried egg.

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California Avocado Spread

Bored with the typical cream cheese? Try this amazing avocado spread that you can easily customize to your own taste.

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Power Up at Lunch

When the mid-day hunger hits, these yummy lunches will fill you up and get you ready to take on the afternoon.

California Ham Sandwich

This gooey, grilled ham and cheese sandwich is made even more delicious with California Avocados.

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Fresh California Avocado and Turkey Sandwich

Breakout out of your boring turkey sandwich rut with this tasty sandwich.

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California Pastrami Sandwich

A twist on a traditional grilled pastrami sandwich, with the addition of creamy California Avocado.

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California Avocado Caesar Salad with California Avocado Dressing

This avocado salad is a new take on the classic Caesar, with a creamy avocado-based Caesar dressing.

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Go To Snacks and Sides

Sometimes, just a snack will do. Try out these easy, delectable munchies to find your new favorite appetizer or side dish.

Fried Avocado Dippers

These crispy, yet creamy avocado slices are a great alternative to fries or chips, when you are looking for a perfect avocado snack.

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Best Guacamole Ever

California Avocados are the most important ingredient in any guacamole recipe. Try this one for a quick and easy dip at your next get-together.

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Baked California Avocado with Cheese

This upscale, yet easy appetizer is perfect for your next dinner party. Surprise your guests with its pairing of creamy avocado and tangy glaze.

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Easy California Avocado Cracker Snacks

These quick and easy appetizers can go from the kitchen to the table for guests in just a few minutes. Perfect for that spontaneous get-together.

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California Avocado Sushi Snacks

Making sushi at home can be daunting. Try these simple avocado sushi stacks to get all the flavor of sushi without all of the work.

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California Avocado Fries and 4 Dipping Sauces

Dip these creamy, deep-fried avocado fries in the dipping sauce of your choice – sweet or savory – there’s something for everyone with this snack!

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Fresh California Avocado Pico de Gallo

This fresh, light salsa is complemented by the addition of super creamy California Avocado.

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Creamy California Avocado Coleslaw

The perfect cool side dish to any summer meal, this coleslaw features a California Avocado-based dressing.

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Sit Down to a Delicious Dinner

Whether dinner is a casual backyard get-together or a more formal meal at the dining table, we have some delicious California Avocado entrees for you to try that range from burgers to pizza, soup and BBQ. Whatever you are craving we’ve got some inspiration for you.

Quinoa Avocado Sushi Rolls

Enjoy a light meal of sushi that you make right at home! This sushi features a heartier quinoa in place of traditional white rice.

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Grilled All American Avocado Pizza

The barbecue isn’t just for burgers, you can grill up this homemade pizza and avoid ordering delivery.

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California Avocado Burger

Sure to be a crowd pleaser, this avocado burger is perfect for your barbecue.

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Haute Grilled Avocados

Grilled avocado? Yes please. Grill up some California Avocados to give them a smoky and even nuttier flavor.

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Spring Green California Avocado Ramen

This ramen dish will hit the spot on a cool evening – warming you up with flavorful broth, paired with super creamy California Avocados.

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Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

While you might not immediately think of creating dessert with California Avocados, their mild taste and creamy texture are a perfect ingredient for sweet treats.

California Avocado Milkshake

Creamy and sweet, this avocado milkshake is the perfect treat for a warm summer night.

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California Summer Avocado Pie

Everyone looks forward to dessert and this light and fluffy pie features the richness of California Avocados paired with tropical flavors.

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California Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

No one can resist homemade chocolate chip cookies – these are made even better by using California Avocados as a fat substitute.

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Chocolate and California Avocado Chia Pudding

Simply blend together rich avocados, with a handful of ingredients to make this creamy treat.

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Avocado Banana Bread

There’s always room for dessert and this mild and sweet twist on banana bread is sure to be a hit with everyone.

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California Avocado Commission

Created in 1978, the California Avocado Commission strives to enhance the premium positioning of California Avocados through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engages in related industry activities. California Avocados are commercially cultivated with uncompromising dedication to quality and freshness, by about 3,000 growers in the Golden State. The California Avocado Commission serves as the official information source for California Avocados and the California Avocado industry.

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